Life and Death Row short film written and directed by Nicholas Oktaras
Blue Cocoon feature film script written by Nicholas Oktaras
Orange is the New Black spec episode written by Nicholas Oktaras

Life and Death Row

Short Film

A naive journalist interviewing the last inmate on death row begins to question the prosecutors evidence.

Blue Cocoon

Feature Film

To cover up her son’s crime, a police therapist is forced to frame her lover when her husband takes over the investigation.

Orange is the New Black

Spec Episode

While the prison gets fumigated, the inmates are forced to spend a night outside. But when a heavy rain storm approaches and there’s only one canopy for rain cover, the inmates now have to work in their cliques to pitch their tent,  creating a race to the finish to win the only canopy.

This Old Man, award winning feature film screenplay by Nicholas Oktaras
Silicon Valley spec episode written by Nicholas Oktaras
The Dibble Dabble Club TV Series written and created by Nicholas Oktaras
This Old Man

Feature Film

A fun family drama about a precocious 10-year old boy who finds his dead brother’s mysterious scrapbook, and teams up with the only person that could help him decipher it; a delusional old man who thinks he’s ‘Death.’

Silicon Valley

Spec Episode

Richard and Erlich battle out creative differences over Pied Piper’s first cooperate video, while Doyle and Dinesh battle it over their latest interns.

The Dibble Dabble Club

Half-Hour TV Series

When an A-List star and former member of a popular children’s show dies, Noah Silver returns to Hollywood for a comeback, but is met with competition, his old cast mates from The Dibble Dabble Club.

Mr Jukebox TV Show written and created by Nicholas Oktaras
Mr Jukebox

One-Hour TV Series

An ivy league student masterminds an underground gambling ring in order to pay his way through college.